Sunday, March 22, 2015


One day it is sleeting and snowing and the next thing you's Spring!

This is one of the first Jonquils to bloom in our yard.

These little Violas survived being covered with snow a few days ago.

The Hyacinths smell so sweet! 

Bradford Pears are blooming everywhere.  This was shot through the windshield.

This Red Bud tree is in my sister's yard, but we saw some blooming in the woods as we traveled the Natchez Trace yesterday.

Of course, yellow Jonquils are everywhere!

Also, the Japanese Magnolias are in bloom.

I hope you are having a nice Spring!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snow and Sleet again!

They warned us that we would have freezing rain, sleet and snow again, but I didn't believe it!
These photos were made about dawn today.

It looks like mostly sleet out there now.

This House Finch has his eye on the feeder

We still have lots of Pine Siskins!

Even a few Red-winged Blackbirds showed up!
The snow has slowed  and I don't think this spell is going to last long!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Snow in the Deep South!

On Wednesday, February 25th, it was  32 degrees with a light rain falling before changing to sleet.  Then about noon, it started to snow, fast and furiously. Many birds gathered to gobble up the sunflower seed and thistle seed.  Most of the birds are Pine Siskins and Goldfinch.

Wow!  Just look at the birds!  Can you count them?

Here it is beginning to cover the driveway.

By late afternoon the snow is getting pretty deep.

The Pine Siskin, Purple Finch and Goldfinch are waiting for a chance to dive down for a few seeds.

This is the tip top of a Pine tree.  That center blob looked like a hole until I made a picture from this angle.

The little Goldfinch is perched on the power line.  Just look how much ice and snow cling to the line!

The Goldfinch will be in their pretty yellow feathers in the Spring, but I think they still pretty in their winter plumage.  

The Cardinal brightens up the winter scene!

Look how the snow built up on the bare branches!  This was made through our bedroom window.

By Thursday morning, it had stopped snowing and fog had moved in, obscuring the view of everything across the road.

When the sun broke through the clouds on Thursday afternoon, the snow on the trees was so pretty!

The above picture is a peek into the woods behind our house.

I love the lacy, feathery look of these trees!  This is around our back yard.

The picture below was made from our driveway looking toward our neighbor's pasture.

If you have had snow in your area, I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed our rare snow here in the sunny south!