Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ongoing Sagas of Summer

Four days ago, I decided this Morning Glory had climbed high enough up the Ham Radio tower.  I cut the vine off from its roots, but every day it has had blooms that look fresh!

Below is the base of the tower and you can see that there are no vines growing up it.

Here you can see the ends of the vine were cut about as high as I could reach.  The leaves are dying but the vine is still green.

Sorry about not being able to turn this picture vertical.  You can see the flowers blooming, and even new buds, after four days of not being rooted in the ground!

Will wonders ever cease!!!

On another note, the Green Lynx Spider I have been watching showed me something new she had made overnight.   I believe she has laid her eggs and encased them in a protective sac.  Notice how swollen her body is yesterday, and how slim she looks today!

What is going on in your yard?

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pictures of Summer

I've been experimenting with the new camera I received for my birthday (and Christmas, probably).  I had been wanting a  small camera I could carry in my purse or pocket and Jeep found one online that he thought would fit my needs.  It's a Panasonic DMC ZS40 and it will do a wide variety of things.  I have a lot to learn about how to operate it!!!

I've been watching this Green Lynx Spider that lives on this one Zinnia bloom.  She has encased the flower in a thin web and traps small insects to dine on.  

I'm not sure if this Katydid sips the nectar of the flowers or eats the small insects it finds there.

The Hummingbirds are having a feeding frenzy as they tank up for the long flight they will soon make to their winter home in Central or South America.

Jeep and I had fun on a night excursion to get some shots of the Super moon.  We drive out in the country where there are no power lines.  

We are beginning to see more butterflies now.  This Red-spotted Purple showed up this morning.

Yesterday, I caught this Sulphur  Butterfly on on a Zinnia.

I think the little camera is going to quickly become a favorite.  I especially like the Macro shots!

The Zinnias have been blooming in some glorious colors this summer, as you can see in this picture and the one below.

One twig of the Sumac bush gave me a small promise of the Fall color we hope to see soon.

Hope you have had a great Summer!
We are looking forward to Fall.
♥ ♥ ♥

Monday, July 14, 2014

Backyard Creatures

A few days ago, my sister and I were walking over the yard, when she asked if any birds had built in the nest box.  I told her that there was a nest in it, but that I had not seen any birds coming or going.   She said "How do you know that no birds raised in there?"  So I pulled down the front of the box and in order to see inside the nest and look for clues of birds raising in there.  I was shocked to see two Flying Squirrels peering out at me!  I could see only their heads, and my very first thought was, "What kind of strange birds is this?"

All the squirrel pictures are from the Internet, as I did not have a camera with me.

The two were nestled in spoon fashion and as soon as I opened the door, one of the squirrels flew out like a flash!  They were so small and I thought it might be around on the back side of the utility pole where the box was mounted.  No, he was not there.  My sister looked up to the top of the pole in time to see him sail into the nearby trees, a distance of about 12-15 feet away.

I thank the photographers who made these pictures!  I'm afraid I won't be able to make any!

I know nothing about these cute, furry creatures, except I know that when my cousin tried to tame one for a pet, he got a very painful bite!  Isn't that right, Kenneth??

On another note, the Bluebirds are raising their secord family of baby birds in the church.  
I hope your yard is as exciting as ours!