Saturday, December 1, 2012

Aunt Hattie's 100th Birthday Party

Cause for celebration!

Aunt Hattie is 100 years young today!  One of her sisters almost reached 101, Mama was almost 98, and a couple of siblings were 97.  Another living sister is almost 98 and a brother is 95.

Aunt Hattie and her daughters.  Her only son died a few years ago.

The best thing is, her mind is still good.  She recently told her daughter that she thought the time had come for her to check in to a nursing home.

She still has her happy, up-beat attitude!

The party was held at her church.

The Fellowship Hall was decorated for Christmas.

One of the floral arrangements.

Two of her pretty granddaughters

Someone brought her a necklace.

Here she is enjoying catching up with what's going on with some of the family.

"You don't say!!!"

May God bless you, Aunt Hattie!
I want to look this good and still have my mind when I'm 100!!!

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Betsy Adams said...

Awesome--awesome---awesome. She looks fabulous to be 100. Dad Adams is not in THAT good of shape now.... He still has his mind (some of the time)--but can't hear and can't see---which makes everything harder. And he doesn't walk much anymore. BUT--that man can EAT.... He has never lost his appetite.

Congrats to your Aunt Hattie... That family have all lived long lives... That is so neat.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I thought one should look old at 100. She is beautiful in every way.What a blessing to have such a long life and a good memory.

Jedidja said...

Thats beautiful! happy birthday to her from Holland.

Sherri B. said...

A big Happy Birthday to your precious Aunt Hattie...She looks great!!!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support for my family and are a good friend! xo

Daisy said...

What a lovely lady she is and what a blessing that she is doing so well. Happy birthday to her!

Maple Lane said...

Happy Birthday to Aunt Hattie. She is beautiful; in fact, beauty seems to run in the family!

W. Latane Barton said...

Such a lovely lady. I just know you will follow in her footsteps, Dorothy, cause there is some serious longevity in your family.

Riet said...

A very happy birthday to your aunt Hetty. She does not look like being 100 years old, in fact she looks fabulous. And the main thing is that her mi d is still so good. Wonderful, wonderful

Southern Lady said...

Such a pretty lady ... and you would never know she's a hundred years old! I know the party meant a lot to her, especially celebrating such a memorable occasion with her friends and beautiful family.

Marie said...

God bless this sweet lady! How WONDERFUL! Oh, Dorothy, I have known two other ladies who made it to their 100th birthday but neither looked like they were 80, as Hattie does! She's amazing! Hope she had an incredible celebration. It looks like she did. She deserved it!

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

Happy 100th birthday to Aunt Hattie. She is indeed a beautiful woman and has a wonderful outlook on life. She has a very lovely family, too. I'm so glad she had a great birthday party. I wish her good health, and many more birthdays.

sweetbay said...

Your aunt looks GREAT. Your family has very impressive longevity genes!

Mary said...

How wonderful to look that good at 100! I know I won't look that good. Looks like a great party.