Thursday, December 27, 2012

Backyard Critters

Yesterday's cold, rainy weather brought the critters in to the porch, hoping to find food.

With an eye to the sky, this Cardinal seems to be looking up to see if the rain has stopped :) 

The strong gusts of wind are ruffling Mrs. Cardinal's feathers!


I saw our Squirrel sitting on the steps of the storage building.

Then he took a stand at his favorite position, looking toward the feeders.

He's thinking about coming a little closer.

He hopped up and looked in the kitchen window at me.

He looks like he is stuffed from too much Christmas dinner!

"Lady, could you spare a poor Squirrel a little bite to eat?"


"If you would give me some nuts, I'd leave the seed for the birds!"

 He is looking up at a hanging bird feeder.  I think he is checking to see if he can reach it.

"Well, if you are not going to feed me....

...guess I'll just turn tail and run!"
I hope you are enjoying your backyard critters!

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Maple Lane said...

The Cardinals are lovely, Dorothy. The squirrel, I have to admit, is cute! Looks like maybe he has found his way to several feeders lately!

Sparky said...

BEAUTIFUL photos! We have fat squirrels too. Ours better be careful, though, if meat gets anymore expensive we may harvest them. They're starting to look really yummy ... *giggle*
Sparky :)

Jedidja said...

O wow, never seen such red bird here! Amazing. Here we have only house sparrows, blue tits, blackbirds, sometimes a jay or magpie. Nver a red bird :-) Thanks.

Catsngrams said...

I love the winter creatures they are sofun to feed and watch.

Betsy Adams said...

Hi Dorothy, Hope you two had a fabulous Christmas. Love seeing your birdies... Gorgeous pictures of the Cardinals. I have alot of birds at my feeders this week also--due to this weather. We did get a little snow--but not much. Now--it is bitterly cold.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Beautiful! The female Cardinal with the ruffled feathers reminds me of twirling around in a skirt.

Daisy said...

Great pictures, Dorothy, and such a cute post! That squirrel has an attitude. haha! ;)

sweetbay said...

Gorgeous pictures of the cardinal!

Marie said...

Wonderful photos, Dorothy!

W. Latane Barton said...

I loved the visit with your critters this morning. Those male cardinals are enough to brighten any corner!

Karen said...

Cardinals are my favorite! Good thing we have lots of them in Indiana!