Sunday, December 9, 2012

Favorite Christmas Tree Ornaments

Each year I enjoy putting the ornaments on the Christmas tree and remembering something about them.

I'm trying to gradually collect clear ones.  I bought this spun glass carousel several years ago.

Last year my granddaughter gave me this music box ornament. It's really heavy, so I just place it under the tree:)

This creche ornament was given to me by a friend. It's almost too heavy to hang on the tree, but I like it very much!

This little angel was a gift from a classmate at one of our annual "Golden Girls" Christmas parties.

This clear cross ormament was a new addition one year.

My sister's mother-in-law crocheted these (and many more) snowflakes for me.  She crocheted baskets, bells and angels for me, also.

I like these shimmering snowflakes

and this clear angel

and another snowflake.

 Another one that makes me smile........ stacked up heads of snowmen!

This is a new one, made by my brother-in-law.  It's a bird house, complete with a redbird, made in a wooden 'acorn'.

It's a candy cane Rudolph, made with brown pipe cleaner 'antlers', googly eyes and a plush red nose!  My grandson, Jesse, made this in first grade.  It has always had its place on our tree.  This year, I had to replace the candy cane, as the old one had gotten soft and squishy.  It should be good for a few more years now :)  This may be my favorite, simply because it makes me smile.

I can't remember where I got this one.  It's made of some kind of shiny material and it's very thin.  It could be mailed in a Christmas card.

Each year I try to find one new ornament to add to my collection.

My granddaughter made this paper candy cane when she was about in first grade, about 18 years ago..  It has hung on our tree each year since she gave it to me :)

What is your favorite ornament, and why?
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Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Beautiful ornaments. Some of those special ones made by those we love,are the most precious. I have a wreath my son made in grade 1,He thinks it's ugly,and it may be,but to me it isn't Christmas until that wreath is hanging somewhere in my house.

Betsy Adams said...

Love them all, Dorothy... They are all similar to ours ---ornaments full of memories!!!!!

Love that bird house... Awesome!!!! And all of the crystal ornaments which glisten under the lights... That crystal angel is fabulous.

Thanks for sharing.

Daisy said...

I enjoyed seeing all your pretty ornaments and hearing the stories behind them, Dorothy. I think my favorites that we have are two ornaments that look like little boys with stocking hats on. One has red hair and one has brown, and when I saw them at the store several years ago, they reminded me of my sons. That was why I bought them. So I always enjoy seeing them every year. :)

Maple Lane said...

You have lovely and special ornaments, Dorothy. What a nice birdhouse with the Cardinal-especially since you love birds so much!

Marie said...

Just love your beautiful ornaments! You've inspired me to do a similar post in a week or so! (I am behind in getting stuff posted and I haven't even started decorating the house yet!)

Mary said...

I always love seeing what ornaments others put on their trees. And hearing the stories that go with them. Every ornament on my tree has a history. We got two smaller trees to replace our 10' tree this year and I was so afraid I would have to eliminate some of my favorites....but managed to find room for them all!

sweetbay said...

You have a lot of wonderful ornaments! The spun glass carosel is beautiful.