Saturday, December 29, 2012

Squirrel CIty

Right now, I still think he is cute and fun to watch, but I get the feeling he could soon become a real pest!


I like to think he is giving thanks for all the food we put out.

Funny how they always hold a hand up to their chest.

I think this one needs a pedicure!

"If only I had a little ladder I could reach the hanging feeder!"

"Maybe I'll just get my nerve up and jump!"

"Hey, run get a ladder for me!"

I wonder if Squirrel stew is good?  If this keeps up, I may have to find out!

Check out his long curly tail!

This is one of the feeders he is trying to reach.  

He's almost too cute to be a pest!

Are you looking at me?

He's making the goldfinch wait until he's had his fill.

Still trying to figure it out.

Ah! Success!

The contortionists finds this feeder has the same seed as the others, but just had to try it.

Move over Goldie!

"Guess I'll try the corn.  Check out my long tail!"

Another feeder, another chalenge!

Standing on his tippy toes.

Shucks!  This one only has Thistle seed!

Wonder what he'll do today!
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Betsy Adams said...

They may be cute--but they are such pests --and I cannot stand them getting in the bird feeders... SO--for that reason, I have a hard time even liking them at all.. Love the praying one though.


Jedidja said...

Sweet! So sweet!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Those guys may be cute,but I am at constant war with them. I like to think I feed birds not squirrels.I may have to concede defeat at sometime or other.

Catsngrams said...

What fun. I know they can be pest but they do make fun watching

Daisy said...

He's a busy little guy! Great pictures, Dorothy. He's pretty cute.

Southern Lady said...

You captured his antics beautifully, Dorothy. What a cute little guy ... squirrels have to eat, too, you know!

Lois Evensen said...

What a fun series! Great images of a nifty little guy. :) Yes, he'll be around for a long time if he figures out how to steal the bird seed.

Riet said...

Lovely little creature. Happy new year Dorothy.

mississippi artist said...

I just love watching squirrels, even though they drive me nuts getting in the bird feeders.They are everywhere here in town!

Janet said...

I can just imagine what the squirrel is thinking!

Karen said...

What cute pics! He is a persistent little cuss, isn't he!!