Sunday, January 13, 2013


Enjoy the Statler brothers singing while looking at the churches!

This is a much photographed chapel in Yosimite National Park.  I made this on our honeymoon trip out there.  It looks very small, but will seat about 300.  Many weddings are held each year in this picturesque little church.  

This is Palmer Chapel Methodist Church in the Smoky Mountains.   It is now facing a little creek and the road (you can barely see our van in the lower left) goes behind the church, several yards away.  I imagine that the road was in front of the church many years ago.

This is another church in the Smoky Mountains.  I think this is a Baptist Church.

This is Marvin United Methodist Church in Augusta, GA.  We attended several services here while we were in Augusta for two months while Joe healed from his burns at the Joseph M. Still Burn Center.   These people welcomed us, prayed for us and Joe, visited us in the hospital, and ministered to us in a number of ways.

This is Salem United Methodist Church at Sallis, MS, where Jeep will be preaching today.  

This is Chapel Hill United Methodist Church and Jeep used to preach here.  It is on the National Registery of Historical places and the interior is as it was back in the 1800's. 

This is Lebanon United Church where Jeep was the pastor for 15 years.  We still attend here when we can.

This is the back of the Palmer Chapel Methodist Church that I showed earlier in this post.
I hope you will attend  church  somewhere today.
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Maple Lane said...

Beautiful churches, Dorothy. Wishing you both a blessed day.

I remember how the folks in Augusta were so compassionate during your stay there.

Mary said...

I really enjoyed these! I love little churches like these. My relatives all belonged to a little white country Lutheran church in Ohio and these are so like it. Lots of memories for me. All my relatives are buried in the cemetery at that little church too. Maybe you should start a "church meme" for Sundays :-) People post barns and fences and stuff...why not churches!

Daisy said...

Wonderful photos of these churches, Dorothy. Very peaceful looking. :)

Betsy Adams said...

Beautiful churches, Dorothy... I've seen several of those. Hope to see that one in Yosemite someday... Wow!!!


Jedidja said...

Never heart this brothers :-) Very nice!

George said...

Thank you for sharing these churches and the video -- I love the Statler Brothers. We've visited Palmer Chapel Methodist Church, and also the Baptist Church, which I believe is in Cades Cove.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

This Statler Brothers song was my Daddy's favourite.No I did not go to church today,I wasn't sure I would make it off the yard without getting stuck.I enjoyed seeing these neat churches.

Marie said...

Wonderful churches, Dorothy!