Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Good Morning!

It may be because I have a dental appointment this afternoon, but I'm feeling a little Squirrely again today!

I think he's checking me out!

Wonder what's she's cooking for Breakfast.

Hi there!  Am I cute, or what?

Oh, if I could just reach that bird feeder!

I'm begging you, please!

This is my best side.

I guess I'll just have to eat this old hard corn!

I think I'd rather have some of your toast and eggs!
Well, just BE that way!  See you tomorrow, when I'll try again!

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Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Cute! He just might join you at the table if you opened the door.LOL

Betsy Adams said...

Yipes... I'd be 'squirrely' too if I were looking forward to a dentist appointment... Since I grew up with a dentist who didn't use novocaine, I have always feared going to the dentist... Have fun.

Daisy said...

Ha! Great pictures and captions, Dorothy. :-)

I hope your dentist appointment went well.

Jedidja said...

I love this animal! Cute pics!

W. Latane Barton said...

That squirrel seems to like you very much.... or could it be what you are eating that he likes that better? He's cute.

Hope your dental appointment went well. Take care.

George said...

This is a delightful photo sequence. The pictures are great, as are the captions. I hope the appointment went well.

Southern Lady said...

How cute! I especially love that first picture.

You are so talented, Dorothy, and are always an inspiration to me to try to do better with my photography.

Riet said...

So cute Dorothy. Lovely pictures

LV said...

What delightful Squirrely post. I have so many here. At times they sit on the kitchen winder sill and look in. They are very fast and skittish. Also, they can be destructive. I have big holes all in my yard from the.

Maple Lane said...

Very cute photos, Dorothy. I'm happy that we don't have squirrels in this neighborhood. They almost carried us away at our last home!
Hope you have a lovely weekend. Mildred

sweetbay said...

That squirrel is very cute. Looks a little evil too. ;)

Mary said...

They have such personalities and are so cute :-) I don't know why so many people hate them! Sure they eat a lot of food....but are they less deserving then the birds?? This one sure has a lot of cute poses. My squirrels have gotten less interesting and don't come around too much, but I did see about 6 out there recently on a bad day, so they know where the food is!