Monday, January 14, 2013

Icy, Rainy Day

This must be a female, I think I heard her ask, "Does this corn make my hips look fat?"

A very wet Goldfinch waiting for its turn at the crowded feeder.

This is the cut-over land up behind our house.  By noon, the rain was freezing on all the weeds and grass.

Also, the pines are beginning to get icy.

We made a quick trip to town just before dark and saw that the ice on the pines had already caused some limbs to break.  Hope we don't lose power!

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Daisy said...

I hope you stay safe and warm, Dorothy, and that you don't lose your power. Ice looks pretty on the trees, but it can cause a lot of problems.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

The ice covered branches are pretty but that same ice can cause damage.Stay safe and I do hope the power stays on for you.

Maple Lane said...

Praying you stay safe and warm. I had to giggle at the squirrel's hips!!! Cute little bird and the ice is pretty even tho it is dangerous.

Dorothy said...

Betsy, I hit the wrong button and deleted your comment, so I copied it from my e-mail and I'm posting it here for you! Sorry about that!
This is what we'll probably look like in the morning. Our freezing rain didn't start 'til almost DARK....

Great photos...

Stay warm and stay safe.

Mary said... the squirrel photo and comment :-)

Jedidja said...

O, what a sweet pics. How cold is it there? Is it below zero?

Patrycja Photography said...

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Karen said...

I like the way the pine trees look coated in ice...reminds me of Georgia pines and ice storms.

Marie said...

The ice is pretty. Very nice shots!

Drema said...

Lovely pictures! Love the picture of the squirrel. It made me chuckle=)