Friday, January 25, 2013

The Bluets are Blooming!

Ode to the Bluet

I’m thinking back to long ago
when as a child I yearned for spring
so I could go outside and play
and watch the little birdies sing

Up to the hillside I would roam
to see what treasure I could find.
And when the Bluet field I saw
all cares and woes were left behind.

I knew that springtime had arrived
when I first saw the Bluets there
Just four tiny purple petals 
shouting, "At last, Spring is here!"


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Maple Lane said...

So very sweet, Dorothy. Blessings to you this weekend.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

They may be small,but are oh so pretty.

Betsy Adams said...

Nice little ode, Dorothy... That little Bluet does remind us of Spring ---and today, with all of our ICE, I'll say that I'm ready for Spring. ha

Sparky Hudson said...

Those are pretty. God's beauty is everywhere. We get little white flowers with 4 petals that bloom close to the ground. I can't remember their name. Now I gotta go look it up ... :)

Daisy said...

Sweet photo and poem, Dorothy! I welcome any sign of spring! Have a great weekend. :-)

Karen said...

Dorothy, I love this poem. I am encouraged! AND..just a few more weeks til Daylight Savings Time!!

Karen said...

Dorothy, it has been a while since I visited - but, have thought of you recently. I visited the refuge the morning of the snow, but no great pictures, and this made me think of you. I did not know what these little flowers were called, but they have significant meaning in my family! My sweet mother-in-law has picked her mother these each year since she was a little girl. She still does her mother is 92. She has a special little vase to put them in. You let me know when you start seeing eagles. I want to get a picture of one!