Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My Home Birds

This winter weather is keeping me in the house these days, but it's not keeping me from making a few pictures of my birds.  I liked the way the background turned out behind this sweet little Goldfinch.

I caught three at one time on this shot today.   Most of these pictures were made from the sun-room.  I placed a table outside beneath one of the windows and set the feeder on the table.  Then I cut down a small tree and set it up for a place the birds could rest before going to the feeder.

 They hardly notice me in the room photographing them.  As long as there is no sudden movement or noise, they let me get pretty close.  In this picture, the Pine Siskin joined the Goldfinch.  I'm not too fond of the Pine Siskins, because once they find the feeders, they come in big droves and gobble up too many seeds!!!

The Chickadee is one of my favorites!  They dart in, quick as a flash, and grab one seed before zipping away!

One female Cardinal stopped by briefly this morning.

 Here's one more Goldfinch.  They are not easily frightened so they are good subjects.

This is a Dark-eyed Junco, or snowbird, as we used to call them.  

 All the birds enjoy the water.  So many days it is frozen and they appreciate it when I give them a fresh drink.  This picture was made out the front window.   I really would like for us to get a good snow, because that really brings the birds in to the feeders!!


Southern Lady said...

Incredible pictures, Dorothy! I know you loved making them, and I'm so glad you shared them with us.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Dorothy,these pictures are so beautiful. The backgrounds make them almost look like a painting.I just love each one of them.

George said...

You've created a great setup for capturing photos of your feathered visitors. These photos are really great.

Betsy Adams said...

We've got the same birds here. In fact, we have a gazillion finches this winter… A Robin even came to the feeders today (since it was about 14 degrees early)…. It's been a cold winter here so far--but very little snow… Dang it! ha


Daisy said...

Lovely pictures, Dorothy! It is so much fun to watch the birds come and go.

Blackberry Lane said...

Such joy to watch these gorgeous birds. Beautiful photos.

Marie said...

These photos are just WONDERFUL! I really love the way you can make the background look like a watercolor, and the bird itself be so sharp and clear. Sweet pictures. I am glad they let you get them from the window and didn't get scared away! I can't wait to take some bird shots with my new camera!

sweetbay said...

You take the best bird photos. Beautiful!

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

Your photos of these birds are awesome. I just love them. You take the best pictures. Beautiful!

racheld said...

I've so enjoyed dropping in for all your posts, catching up and seeing so many lovely things.

Congratulations on your own new Sweetpea! How clever and charming to make the announcement so SWEET.

And your pictures of the birds are simply exquisite---I lived down there for more than half my life, and am seeing several I don't remember seeing often. And you KNOW ALL THE NAMES.

Wow. Hope you're well and warm---DDIL is in Baton Rouge on business for a few days, and says it's 70 today. Hope you're getting some of that---we're still in the twenties.